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Hiawatha Ushers in the Holidays

Hiawatha welcomed the 2012 Holiday season at Anderson University’s annual “Candles and Carols” Christmas concert on Friday, November 30, 2012. The program was shot in High Definition, with eight cameras, each being ISO recorded on an AJA KiPRO deck.  Editing and production was completed by the students enrolled in communications classes at the university.

The annual Candles and Carols Christmas program revives many memories for those who attend each year.  The familiar strains of “Silent Night” echoing through the auditorium in the glow of the candlelight, and the joy  of singing traditional Christmas hymns with thousands of friends makes Candles and Carols a memorable evening for attendees, many of whom consider the program a family holiday tradition.

“Candles and Carols is a wonderful musical experience that ushers in the Christmas season for many of us,” said Dr. James L. Edwards, president of Anderson University. “It shares the beauty and vibrancy of our music with an audience of all ages, and with the world. The message of the evening is always one of hope, peace and joy.”

“Candles and Carols” is a holiday music program recorded and distributed by AU’s Covenant Productions®. It airs in December on more than 100 television stations. The program will also be shown internationally by the EWTN television network.