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Chippewa Drives MarioKart IRL at Austin’s SXSW

Chippewa stars in MAKE Magazine’s behind-the-scenes look at how Penzoil and Nintendo created a real-life experience inspired by the popular MarioKart video game at Austin’s SXSW 2014. ¬†Just like the game, power ups along the raceway allow you to get a speed boost (or perhaps even slow you down). That system runs on RFID tags and sensors; each driver gets and RFID wristband and the cars have tags in them as well. Sensors along the track can tell when you’ve run over the power ups and act accordingly.

Chippewa was the truck of choice based upon its switching and keying power. The 4.5 ME Grass Valley Kayenne switcher has plenty of firepower to handle the requirements. The large number of GPI/GPO sources required made the setup simple. Signals from 12 go-carts wired with RF Go-PRO cameras were sent to the truck and appeared as a live video game.