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Token Creek Makes Headlines!

To Support ESPN’s College-Basketball Coverage, Token Creek Need Not Travel Far
By: Carolyn Braff, Managing Editor | Published: November 9, 2009

November is a tough month for college-sports broadcasters. With football season still in full swing outdoors, basketball teams take the court indoors, and broadcasting resources can be pushed to the limit. Token Creek Mobile Television is currently supporting both sports, providing mobile-production units for ESPN’s college-basketball coverage while finishing up football-coverage packages for both ESPN and Raycom Sports. Luckily for Token Creek, however, straddling two sports does not necessarily mean straddling two coasts.

ESPN is keeping us in the Southeast quite a bit, which is nice as weere still overlapping with football,, says Token Creek President John Salzwedel. We’ve been spending the bulk of our time with the ACC and SEC, which really helps with fuel costs. Some days, you’re only driving 8 miles down the road, and that’s fantastic..

This week, for example, Token Creek’s Varsity truck will support ESPN’s men’s college-basketball season opener in Chapel Hill, NC, when UNC hosts Florida International on Monday night. Friday and Saturday’s college-football games will keep our Varsity truck in the state this weekend and send the mobile unit only as far as Virginia for two games next week.

The broadcasters are trying to work a little smarter and keep trucks in certain areas so that there’s not a lot of zigzagging back and forth across the country,, Salzwedel says. I think they’re starting to take a harder look at logistics and to keep trucks in a given area throughout a production package..

Token Creek’s production packages are increasing, as the company works not only with Raycom Sports (through its Alliance Productions affiliation) and ESPN Regional Television out of Charlotte, NC, but with ESPN headquarters in Bristol, CT, as well.

Little by little, weere starting to get some recognition from some of the bigger players,, Salzwedel says.

Some of that recognition is courtesy of equipment upgrades, with the Chyron graphics systems in both HD units Varsity and Hiawatha upgraded to HyperX3 models. No other big changes have been made to the trucks, but, in a year like this one, that’s just fine by Salzwedel.

Like everybody else, we are watching our budgets very closely,, he says. We’re not looking for huge growth this year, but we are just trying to maintain. I think that’s the vein that everybody’s been working with..

Come December, Token Creek will again support production of the Heisman Trophy presentation from the Nokia Theater in New York City. Until then, we’re holding our own,, Salzwedel says. We’re the meat-and-potato truck company. We just keep digging in every week and provide quality facilities for our clients..