Outside Broadcast Trucks

Token Creek’s fleet of outside HD broadcast trucks are designed and equipped for the most dynamic and demanding live television outside broadcasting needs.

  • Varsity is a state-of-the-art, 53′ Expando HD production truck, 1080i, 720P switchable, designed to serve the industry’s HD standards. Since its debut, Varsity put Token Creek Mobile Television on the forefront of HD production.
  • An extremely powerful 48′ Expando unit, Sioux is the OB production truck positioned to provide live video for corporate and trade show events, meetings, concerts, local and regional news and sports broadcasting with a state-of-the-art digital television broadcast production environment you won’t see in other units of similar size.
  • Token Creek’s Chippewa is a 48′ HD Expando Mobile Unit with a Kayenne switcher, Calrec Artemis audio console, and Grass Valley cameras that operate on both triax and single mode fiber suited to any job size.